Nestled in the picturesque coastal landscapes of Southport, NC, St. James Plantation presents an idyllic setting that effortlessly blends luxury living with the charm of a seaside community. As you approach this gated enclave, you’re welcomed by the serene beauty of the southeastern North Carolina coast, setting the stage for a lifestyle that’s both relaxing and invigorating.

At the heart of St. James Plantation lies its golfing jewel – four meticulously crafted golf courses, each offering 81 holes of championship play. These courses are not just a golfer’s paradise but also a vibrant canvas of greenery that enhances the scenic beauty of the plantation.

The marina, a nautical haven with 475 wet and dry slips, sits majestically along the Intracoastal Waterway. It’s more than just a docking spot; it’s a gateway to aquatic adventures, where days can be spent fishing, sailing, or simply enjoying the rhythmic dance of boats on the water.

For those who find solace in the sand and waves, the private oceanfront beach club is a dream. It’s a perfect spot for sunbathing, building sandcastles, or just soaking up the panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Health and wellness take center stage with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, including a $4 million Signature Wellness Center. These venues are hubs of activity, offering a blend of exercise and social interaction, crucial for a balanced lifestyle.

Culinary experiences here are diverse and delightful. With several on-site restaurants, each meal becomes an exploration of flavors, whether you’re craving a casual bite or a fine dining experience.

Tennis and pickleball courts offer a perfect mix of fun and fitness, attracting both casual players and serious enthusiasts. The sound of racquets striking balls is a common echo, symbolizing the community’s active spirit.

The community’s trails invite you to explore on foot or by bike, winding through lush landscapes and offering glimpses of the area’s natural splendor.

Swimming pools dot the plantation, providing a refreshing escape on warm days and a social hub for neighbors to gather.

The social fabric of St. James Plantation is woven with over 100 clubs and groups, each representing a different interest or hobby. This thriving community life ensures that there’s always something happening, from cultural events to casual get-togethers.

In summary, St. James Plantation isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle, where every day feels like a vacation, yet it’s home. With its rich array of amenities, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant community life, it’s a place where life’s moments are savored and cherished.

Seaside Club

The SeaSide Club at St. James Plantation is a vibrant center of activity that exudes luxury and relaxation. With its resort-style pool, featuring a zero-entry edge and wet deck, it’s a haven for those seeking a refreshing swim or a place to lounge in the sun. The splash pad offers delightful fun for families, making it a popular spot for children.

To cater to the culinary needs of its members, the club has a seasonal bar and grill, providing a perfect setting for casual dining or enjoying a drink with friends. For sports enthusiasts, the club boasts sand volleyball courts, offering a fun and energetic way to spend the day.

The fitness center, valued at $4 million, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and caters to various fitness routines. Tennis and pickleball courts provide opportunities for both competitive play and social interaction.

The spacious lounge deck is a focal point for relaxation and socializing, allowing members to unwind and connect with others. This blend of leisure, fitness, and social amenities makes the SeaSide Club a cherished component of the St. James Plantation lifestyle.

Woodlands Park

Woodlands Park in St. James Plantation uniquely integrates community amenities with natural beauty. It features an expansive dog park, offering a dedicated space for pets to play and socialize, enhancing the pet-friendly aspect of the community. The park also boasts an amphitheater, providing a venue for community events, outdoor concerts, and gatherings, fostering a sense of community and entertainment. Surrounded by scenic beauty, these features make Woodlands Park a hub for both social and recreational activities, enriching the lifestyle of St. James Plantation residents.


Waterway Park

Waterway Park in St. James Plantation is a serene and picturesque destination, offering residents and visitors a tranquil escape amidst the natural beauty of Southport, North Carolina. This park is a key feature of the community, providing a range of recreational activities and amenities designed to enhance the coastal living experience.

As you enter Waterway Park, you are greeted by the lush greenery and the gentle breezes off the Intracoastal Waterway. The park is beautifully landscaped with native plants and flowers, creating a vibrant yet peaceful setting. A series of well-maintained walking and biking trails weave through the park, perfect for a morning jog or a leisurely stroll while enjoying the scenic views.

One of the main attractions of Waterway Park is its access to the water. A sizable pier extends into the waterway, allowing for fishing, crabbing, or simply relaxing while watching boats glide by. The park also features a kayak launch, inviting adventurers to explore the waterway’s natural beauty up close.

Picnic areas and gazebos are scattered throughout the park, providing ideal spots for family gatherings, picnics, or quiet contemplation. These areas are equipped with comfortable seating and tables, set against the backdrop of the waterway and the lush park surroundings.

For children, Waterway Park offers a safe and fun playground area, complete with modern equipment and plenty of space to run and play. The park’s open green spaces are also perfect for informal games and activities.

The Waterway Park in St. James Plantation embodies the community’s commitment to leisure, wellness, and the enjoyment of the outdoors. It’s a place where residents can connect with nature, enjoy various recreational activities, or simply relax and soak in the beauty of coastal living. Whether you’re an active individual seeking outdoor adventure or someone who prefers a quiet spot to unwind, Waterway Park provides a welcoming and beautiful environment for all.